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The Hesly Center for Leadership Development is an alternative meeting site for Authentic Impact’s executive development programs, and is also available to rent for executive retreats, private meeting space, and corporate events . The custom designed interior meeting space easily accommodates groups up to 20 people.

Design and facilitate your own meeting, or use Authentic Impact’s design and facilitation services. It’s completely up to you.



 Rent Hesly Center

The Hesly Center’s unique and thoughtful design is ideally suited for meetings of up to 20 people. Its high-ceilinged meeting rooms, outdoor patios, gathering places around the fire and quiet nooks for individual reflection energize and inspire. Every room includes a refreshing view of the extensive pastoral grounds.

What’s included when you rent Hesly Centre:

  • Private use of the entire facility
  • Onsite recreation activities including the pool table, fire pit, and walking trails
  • Catering provided by a private local chef –  DCFreshchefs.com
  • Business class Wifi
  • Projector & Screen
  • Whiteboards 

The Hesly Center is the answer to your question on where to hold your next offsite.

Want to design and facilitate your own meeting, but need a bit of help with the design of the agenda? One of Authentic Impact’s facilitators is at your service. We can assist you to get clear on the purpose and desired outcomes for your offsite, and give you some suggestions on setup, timing and activities that will get you the results you’re looking for.

Want a turnkey solution that includes Design and Facilitation Services?  Look no further. We can provide that, too.  

Use Authentic Impact’s Design & Facilitation Services

You’ve got a future to create, work to do, and problems to solve. We provide the right blend of strong business acumen and expert facilitation tools, processes and techniques to ensure your meeting is a success. Authentic Impact’s facilitators come from a wide variety of business backgrounds, and have deep expertise in a number of industries, including human resources and compensation, capital markets, banking, law, education and entrepreneurial/small business.

When your meeting outcome stakes are high, a well-designed and professionally facilitated meeting can make all the difference.

Our offsites give team members the opportunity to:

  • Engage in deep reflection, producing valuable insights to fuel targeted change
  • Focus on working “on” versus “in” the business
  • Build a powerful, actionable plan for the future
  • Achieve a deeper understanding of their impact, accountabilities and responsibilities as leaders
  • Evaluate, strengthen, and align the team’s vision and goals

Our facilitators move your discussion forward so your leaders can bring their best ideas to the fore, engage in vigorous debate and land on the strategy and action plans to take your organization to the next level of success.

Prior to the offsite, we meet with your leaders for a discovery session. The purpose and outcomes for the offsite are established to achieve the team’s specific objectives and address any challenges, ensuring that the time spent at the offsite is focused on helping the group to work most effectively as a team. 

Along with their new insights on roles and responsibilities, the action plan directs and fuels the team’s future efforts, bringing benefits that will continue long after the event is over.

When the offsite is complete, team members walk away energized and ready to implement the action plan they have built together, aligned with individual and team strengths and accountabilities.

Think your teams are capable of doing more? Partner with us for a powerfully facilitated offsite. We help your team get more done, faster, to achieve your most important goals.

Participate in One of Authentic Impact’s Team Programs

A stronger bottom line, a productive team, happy clients, a renewed sense of purpose and balance in all life domains.

It is possible.

Authentic Impact’s groundbreaking leadership development programs provide the tools to achieve all of this and more. We tailor our core programs to
 meet the specific needs of your business. We offer a strengths-based approach to expand leadership capabilities allowing increased focus on what matters most to you so that you can achieve more. In a complex world, we help organizations, teams, and individuals achieve unprecedented clarity and focus.

Thriving Teams — Exceptional Results

Individual Offsite for Leaders

This full-day focused session allows individual leaders to step back and fully engage in deep reflection about what matters most. Working one-on-one with one of Authentic Impact’s coaches, you will pause to assess your current path and become very intentional about crafting your future.

When is the right time for an individual offsite?
• taking on a new role
• upon achieving a C-suite title
• at major life event or personal inflection point
• starting or turning around business

Prior to your full-day session, you will complete the on-line assessments for MAI Positive Core, and engage in a discovery call with the Authentic Impact Coach with whom you will be partnering for your session. Each day is custom-designed to achieve what matters most to you.

The full-day agenda includes getting clear on:

  • What matters most to you personally and professionally
  • What’s working and what is not
  • Engaging with your values, strengths, and how you most effectively think, behave, take action and solve problems
  • Setting a plan for the next year
  • Getting back on track when life happens

Some clients use this as an annual opportunity to push the “reset button” on their lives, and report it to be an excellent investment of time and energy.

When it’s time to take stock of what matters most and what’s needed to take your success to the next level, look no further than the Individual Offsite.

Hesly Center is available for clients and guests of Authentic Impact and can also be reserved for other business events.

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