Authentic Impact’s Leadership Programs

The Hesly Center for Leadership Development is an alternative meeting site for Authentic Impact’s executive development programs. The custom designed interior meeting space easily accommodates groups up to 20 people. It is available exclusively for clients and guests of Authentic Impact.

A stronger bottom line, a productive team, happy clients, a renewed sense of purpose and balance in all life domains.

It is possible.

Authentic Impact’s groundbreaking leadership development program provides the tools to achieve all of this and more. We tailor our core programs to
 meet the specific needs of your business. We offer a strengths-based approach to expand leadership capabilities allowing increased focus on what matters most to you so that you can achieve more. In a complex world, we help organizations, teams, and individuals achieve unprecedented clarity and focus.


The end result is you… at your best.

MAI Organization™

MAI Organization provides 
a full range of consulting 
and facilitation services to
 help organizations achieve unprecedented clarity and focus.

Organizations identify foundational business and personal priorities to efficiently and effectively achieve their desired outcomes.

We help organizations cut through the noise so they can do what they do best everyday.

MAI Team™

MAI Team provides the tools and knowledge your employees need to understand the team’s unique talents, skills, and abilities, resulting in a shared accountability for results.

Teams change counter-productive attitudes and behaviors, engage in constructive dialogue, develop conflict resolution skills and build a solid foundation of trust.

We help clients maximize their effectiveness by identifying individual and team strengths, leverage points, gaps and targeted areas for development.

MAI Coach™

MAI Coach provides leadership coaching for sustainable and superior individual, team and organizational transformations.

Using an exclusive in-depth discovery process that combines empirically based assessment tools with a certified coach-guided process, we help leaders build on their strengths to cultivate strong, engaged organizations.

Growth and results occur through a process of insight and action – and growth continues long after the engagement ends.

Hesly Center is available for clients and guests of Authentic Impact and can also be reserved for other business events.

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Location Address:

2670 N Kangaroo Lake Dr.

Bailey's Harbor, WI  54202