A change of scene. A change of pace. A place, space and time to step back, to consider and to clarify. The Hesly Center, a unique, pastoral location for offsite meetings and breakout sessions, will stimulate your team’s creativity, energy and collaboration like never before.

Welcome to Hesly Center for Leadership Development

When you take your team offsite, you’ve got a future to create, work to do, and problems to solve. Hesly Center offers a different perspective, sparking the creative problem solving that happens when the demands of the workplace are left behind.

Barn AnglesmA private meeting and corporate retreat space, Hesly Center offers small groups and individuals the value of a serene setting quite different from the typical hotel conference center.

Design and facilitate your own agenda, let industry leader Authentic Impact do it for you, or participate in one of Authentic Impact ‘s Leadership Development programs.

Hesly Center is located on eight acres of beautiful private property in historic Door County on Wisconsin’s Upper Peninsula on Lake Michigan, about an hour away from Green Bay.

Known as ‘the Martha’s Vineyard of the Midwest’, Door County is highly sought after for its exceptional outdoor recreation, ever-evolving arts and culinary scene, and hundreds of miles of beaches.

The property on which Hesly Center is located was originally a dairy farm whose exquisitely renovated barn has been re-designed as a state-of-the-art meeting space. Great care has been taken to respect the past and embrace new possibilities by building on the strength of the farm’s original foundation. It’s an ideal metaphor for human growth and change…the special expertise of Authentic Impact.

Bailey’s Harbor in Door County Wisconsin is home to the Hesly Center for Leadership Development. It is approximately an hour from Green Bay’s Austin Straubel International Airport.

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Hesly Center is available for clients and guests of Authentic Impact

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Location Address:

2670 N Kangaroo Lake Dr.

Bailey's Harbor, WI  54202